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Experiments investigating the possible interaction of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), two major components of marihuana, were conducted under controlled laboratory conditions in a double-blind manner. In one study, 15 male volunteers were given placebo or 25 mug/kg of THC together with either placebo or 150 mug/kg of CBD by inhalation of(More)
Postmortem changes in the pH of blood and selected tissues in rats were evaluated at intervals ranging from 2 min to 96 h. Cardiac blood pH was significantly and reproducibly decreased in all groups at all postmortem intervals, independent of the method of sacrifice used. A preliminary study using cardiac blood obtained at autopsy from a limited number (n =(More)
The effects of erythromycin on the single dose kinetics of phenytoin (PHT) were studied in eight healthy, male volunteers in a crossover study. PHT was administered in a single, oral 300 mg dose either alone or after 5 days of a 7 day erythromycin regimen. Erythromycin base (333 mg) was taken orally every 8 hr. PHT concentrations were measured in plasma(More)
Phenytoin (PHT) was administered in single 300-mg doses to each of 12 healthy, male subjects. Serial blood samples and salivary samples were collected for the next 48 h, and concentrations of plasma total PHT, unbound plasma PHT (plasma ultrafiltrates), and salivary PHT (salivary ultrafiltrates) were measured by immunofluorescence polarization. The(More)
The plasma binding of phenytoin and the relationship between phenytoin concentrations in salivary and plasma ultrafiltrates were evaluated in pediatric epileptic patients aged 2-15 years. Paired samples of plasma and saliva were ultrafiltered through an Amicon YMT membrane. Phenytoin concentrations were measured by a gas-liquid chromatography procedure. The(More)