Robert B. Fetter

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environmental economist with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Ash and Fetter are joint co-authors. We thank Jim Boyce and John Stranlund for their invaluable guidance, and we are deeply grateful to Nick Bouwes and Steven Hassur of the Environmental Protection Agency who have painstakingly developed and graciously provided us with(More)
This paper approaches the design of a regional or statewide hospital rate-setting system as the underpinning of a larger system which permits a regulatory agency to satisfy the requirements of various public laws now on the books or in process. It aims to generate valid interinstitutional monitoring on the three parameters of cost, utilization, and quality(More)
Several authors have suggested that diagnosis-related groups (DRG's) make inadequate allowance for the severity of illness. Before modifications of DRG's are developed, the sources of within-group variation must be precisely defined; not all variation is attributable to the severity of illness. The limitations of the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set(More)
Proposals to make complexity-of-illness adjustments to the diagnosis-related group system have relied on secondary diagnosis codes and additional clinical information obtained from the hospital record. Another potential mechanism for modifying diagnosis-related groups involves the use of non-operating room procedure codes. The use of these codes has the(More)
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