Robert B. Evans

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BACKGROUND Tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) is thought to play a part in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. We assessed the efficacy and safety of continuous treatment with infliximab, a monoclonal antibody that binds to and neutralises the activity of TNFalpha, in patients with psoriasis. METHODS In this phase III, multicentre, double-blind trial, 378(More)
Regression testing, as it's commonly practiced, is unsound due to inconsistent test repair and test addition. This paper presents a new technique, <i>differential testing</i>, that alleviates the test repair problem and detects more changes than regression testing alone. Differential testing works by creating test suites for both the original system and the(More)
PURPOSE INGN 201 (Ad-p53) is a replication-defective adenoviral vector that encodes a wild-type p53 gene driven by the cytomegalovirus promoter. INGN 201 has been shown to have antitumoral activity against human prostate cancer cell lines. This study was undertaken to determine the safety of INGN 201 in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer, to(More)
With respect to the nature of information processing within the hippocampus, it can be concluded that the hippocampus codes spatial attributes, may or may not code sensory-perceptual attributes, appears to code temporal attributes based on spatial and sensory-perceptual cues, but does not code response attributes. The data provide some support for each(More)
UNLABELLED There are specific dose recommendations for diagnostic amyloid PET imaging with 18F-florbetapir, but they may not apply to research studies using regional quantitative analysis. We, therefore, studied the effect of tracer dose reduction on the discriminative power of regional analysis. METHODS Using bootstrap resampling of list-mode data from(More)
AIMS To estimate the short-term effectiveness, feasibility and acceptability of a smoking cessation intervention (the iQuit system) that consists of tailored printed and Short Message Service (SMS) text message self-help delivered as an adjunct to cessation support in primary care to inform the design of a definitive trial. DESIGN A stratified two(More)
Ultrashort echo time imaging allows the short T(2) Achilles tendon to be directly visualized with MRI. Radiofrequency saturation 1 kHz or less off-resonance has been used previously to improve image contrast. In this study, magnetization transfer was investigated in the Achilles tendon of eight normal volunteers and one patient with psoriatic arthritis. 2D(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between student performance in undergraduate objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) and the examination schedule to which they were assigned to undertake these examinations. DESIGN Analysis of routinely collected data. SETTING One UK medical school. PARTICIPANTS 2331 OSCEs of 3 different types(More)
Ossification and cochlear malformations are no longer seen as a contra-indication to cochlear implantation. The MED-EL COMBI 40+ short electrode was designed specifically for cases where major ossification has occurred, or where full insertion of an electrode may not be possible due to abnormal structure of the cochlea. This study investigates outcomes of(More)
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