Robert B. Evans

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Regression testing, as it's commonly practiced, is unsound due to inconsistent test repair and test addition. This paper presents a new technique, <i>differential testing</i>, that alleviates the test repair problem and detects more changes than regression testing alone. Differential testing works by creating test suites for both the original system and the(More)
Herman's (1992a) clinical formulation of complex posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) captures the extensive diagnostic comorbidity seen in patients with a history of repeated interpersonal trauma and severe psychiatric disorders. Yet the sheer breadth of symptoms and personality disturbance encompassed by complex PTSD limits its descriptive usefulness.(More)
This historical review addresses the following problem: If researchers at the start of the twentieth century failed to find associations between intelligence and the senses, why do present-day researchers report significant associations between sensory discrimination and IQ-type test scores? The studies most between sensory discrimination and IQ-type test(More)
The conduct of randomized controlled trials in livestock with production, health and food-safety outcomes presents unique challenges that may not be adequately reported in trial reports. The objective of this project was to modify the CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) statement to reflect the unique aspects of reporting these livestock(More)
With respect to the nature of information processing within the hippocampus, it can be concluded that the hippocampus codes spatial attributes, may or may not code sensory-perceptual attributes, appears to code temporal attributes based on spatial and sensory-perceptual cues, but does not code response attributes. The data provide some support for each(More)
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