Robert B. Bohn

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The rate of scientific discovery can be accelerated through computation and visualization. This acceleration results from the synergy of expertise, computing tools, and hardware for enabling high-performance computation, information science, and visualization that is provided by a team of computation and visualization scientists collaborating in a(More)
This is the second in a series of articles describing a wide variety of projects at NIST that synergistically combine physical science and information science. It describes, through examples, how the Scientific Applications and Visualization Group (SAVG) at NIST has utilized high performance parallel computing, visualization, and machine learning to(More)
The infrared transmission spectra and photochemical behavior of various organic compounds isolated in solid N2 ices, appropriate for applications to Triton and Pluto, are presented. It is shown that excess absorption in the surface spectra of Triton and Pluto, i.e., absorption not explained by present models incorporating molecules already identified on(More)
In recently years, the information communication technology (ICT) appeared new paradigm of utility computing called cloud computing. The consumer cloud is always important of high performance for cloud computing service and satisfy service agree level (SLA). In cloud computing, there is a need of further improvement in task scheduling algorithm to group of(More)
Cloud computing is a boon for almost every sector as it reduces the overall expenditure by making I.T. infrastructure, services and platform on “on-demand” basis. The “pay as you go” policy of cloud technology enables the users to use and pay for the services and computing infrastructure only when they need it without worrying about the installation and(More)
Cloud computing concept has been envisioned as architecture of the next generation for Information Technology (IT) enterprise. The Cloud computing idea offers with dynamic scalable resources provisioned as examine on the Internet. It allows access to remote computing services and users only have to pay for what they want to use, when they want to use it.(More)
Cloud Computing is a newly emerged technology. It is getting popularity day by day due to its amazing services. The applications and services based on the cloud are emerging day by day. Due to networked nature of the cloud, resources, data and applications are vulnerable to the attack in cloud environment. So Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are employed(More)
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