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Contents Preface to the first edition xiii Acknowledgments to the first edition xvi Preface to the second edition xviii Acknowledgments to the second edition xx Preface to the third edition xxi Acknowledgments to the third edition xxii Introduction: a sketch of the sources and nature of belief, justification, and knowledge 1 Perception, belief, and(More)
See APPENDIX OF SPECIAL SYMBOLS. abstracta. See ABSTRACT ENTITY, NATURALISM.a. See ABSTRACT ENTITY, NATURALISM. abstract entity, an object lacking spatiotemporal<lb>properties, but supposed to have being, to exist,<lb>or (in medieval Scholastic terminology) to sub-<lb>sist. Abstracta, sometimes collected under the<lb>category of universals, include(More)
In his seminal essay, “Saints and Heroes” (1958), J. O. Urmson argued that the then-dominant tripartite deontic scheme of classifying actions —as exclusively either obligatory, or optional in the sense of being morally indifferent, or wrong —ought to be expanded to include the category of the supererogatory.1 Colloquially, this category includes actions(More)
Audi develops analogies between theoretical and practical reason. He takes them to have a similar foundational structure based in experience. He indicates how recognition of this similarity allows insights about one sort of reason to be applied to the other sort. In particular, it becomes clear that egoism is not a reasonable account of practical reason. In(More)
e15581 Background: CCRT is considered the standard of care in LACC since 1999. There is not a clear standard combination and according the last meta-analysis there are no evidence of a difference in the size of the benefit by radiotherapy or chemotherapy dose or scheduling. (J Clin Oncol 26:5802-5812. 2008) In a recently presented phase III study the(More)