Robert Apter

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• In myocardial infarction with shock not responding to conventional therapy, the circulation is inadequate to meet the body's oxygen needs at normal temperature. Therefore, it might be advantageous to utilize hypothermia to reduce the oxygen requirement in such individuals. There have been some data reported with tliis technique in experimental myocardial(More)
Heat production was measured in newborn Angus-, Brahman-, and Tuli-sired calves born to Angus (n = 20) and Brahman (n = 26) dams, before (thermoneutral metabolic rate, TMR) and after norepinephrine (NE) infusion (peak metabolic rate, PMR), to assess genotypic effects on nonshivering thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. Calves were fed pooled colostrum,(More)
Power modules are the basic building blocks of power converters. In many new automotive applications such as hybrid vehicles and 42V systems, existing DBC modules (Direct Bond on Copper) present some issues such as costs, difficulties of customization and others. We present a new technique of producing power modules for automotive applications using IMS(More)
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