Robert Anson

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OBJECTIVE To investigate health gain and its predictors during inpatient and associated day patient treatment. METHOD Consecutive admissions to two inpatient units for children and young adolescents in northwest England were studied (N = 55). Ascertainments were made from multiple perspectives, including family, teacher, clinician, and an independent(More)
The obvious benefits for team collaboration achieved through the use of Electronic Meeting Systems (EMS), do not appear to be so obvious on an organizational scale. After years of trying, there are relatively few published reports of rapid and broad adoption and diffusion of this technology. The broader class of Group Support System (GSS) technologies, that(More)
The increasing investment in technology for training and learning in organizations underscores the fundamental importance for researchers to understand and investigate technology-mediated learning (TML). Currently, a great deal of Information Systems (IS) training for both IS professionals and end-users has a TML component. With the continuing growth of TML(More)
Imagine yourself seated in a conference room for another design team meeting to develop the logical systems design of a new information system. User representatives and other system analysts assigned to the project are seated around a horseshoe table. In previous meetings the team has charted a general data flow diagram identifing the processes, objects,(More)
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