Robert Amann

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BACKGROUND The increase in demand for registered nurses will exceed supply by 29% by 2020, which is due in part to difficulties in retaining the existing nursing workforce. The researchers postulated that nursing professionals are experiencing a higher level of job dissatisfiers than motivators, and this is causing a high percentage of nurses to consider(More)
1. Intracellular recordings were made from neurones of the guinea-pig inferior mesenteric ganglion (IMG) maintained in vitro with both ureters and major nerve trunks attached. Afferent fibres in the ureteric nerve were activated by electrical, chemical and mechanical stimuli. 2. Repetitive stimulation of a ureteric nerve branch evoked a non-cholinergic,(More)
Laccase-catalyzed oxidation of substituted catechols followed by reaction with 4-hydroxy-pyrone/-benzopyrone afforded substituted benzofuran regioisomers whose structures with only two aromatic protons in total prevent a rapid structural assignment. Based on the evaluation of (1)H-(13)C long-range coupling constants a rule of thumb could be deduced for an(More)
E ine verg le iehende Prf i fung versehiedener Auswer tungsve r f ah ren an exper imente l l gewonnenen E l e k t r o p h e r o g r a m m e n is t pr inzipie] l unmSglich, soschen W e r t e n ( P < 3 % ) , w~Lhrend d ie Abweichungen be im Ver fahren I V im Znfal l sbere ich lagen ( P =3 8 7 0 % ) . D a n a e h sche in t es zweifelhaft , ob die b i sher res(More)
Es wurde die Löslichkeit von Thrombin in Gegenwart von Heparin und Kochsalz, ferner das Verhalten von Heparin im Gemisch mit Thrombin bei der Papierchromatographie untersucht. Der Einfluß steigender Mengen von Protamin, 48/80 und Spermin auf die Gerinnungszeit im System von gereinigtem Fibrinogen und Thrombin wurde bestimmt. Dabei ergab sich: 1. Heparin und(More)