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Multi-band/multi-system mobile phones require a complex RF-frontend architecture. Complexity has increased to a point where adding switches and whole signal branches for an additional band is no longer cost effective. Alternative concepts involve ‘converged’ power amplifiers and switching concepts supporting those. Filters and duplexers play a(More)
: We report that porous silicon acoustic Bragg reflectors and AlN-based transducers can be successfully combined and processed in a commercial solidly mounted resonator production line. The resulting device takes advantage of the unique acoustic properties of porous silicon in order to form a monolithically integrated bulk acoustic wave resonator.
This paper presents a method for reconfiguring the bandwidth of Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) ladder filters by adding switchable inductors to their shunt resonators. Inductance values are controlled by selecting the number of turn in spiral inductor using micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) switches. For this purpose, a MEMS inductor has been designed, fabricated(More)
In this paper we describe the procedure to sputter low acoustic impedance SiO(2) films to be used as a low acoustic impedance layer in Bragg mirrors for BAW resonators. The composition and structure of the material are assessed through infrared absorption spectroscopy. The acoustic properties of the films (mass density and sound velocity) are assessed(More)
We present the electro-thermo-mechanical constitutive relations, expanded up to the third order, for a BAW resonator. The relations obtained are implemented into a circuit model, which is validated with extensive linear and nonlinear measurements. The mathematical analysis, along with the modeling, allows us to identify the dominant terms, which are the(More)
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