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The core of the Web is a hyperlink navigation system collaboratively set up by webmasters to help users find desired information. While it is well known that search engines are important for navigation, the extent to which search has led to a mismatch between hyperlinks and the pathways that users actually take has not been quantified. By applying network(More)
A social movement consists of organisations that are linked together by a common purpose or issue (the protection of the natural environment, in the case of the environmental movement). Competition between social movement organisations for members, resources and attention can be conceptualised using multi-organisational fields, and the explicit(More)
In this paper we propose relational hyperlink analysis (RHA) as a distinct approach for empirical social science research into hyperlink networks on the World Wide Web. We demonstrate this approach, which employs the ideas and techniques of social network analysis (in particular, exponential random graph modeling), in a study of the hyperlinking behaviors(More)
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