Robert Aber

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To the Editor: Trichomonads are fl agellated protozoa with several species capable of infecting or colonizing humans. The most common, Trichomonas vaginalis, causes genitourinary infection in adults and, rarely, respiratory infections in premature neonates of infected mothers. Pentatrichomonas hominis has been isolated from the human gastrointestinal tract,(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriate use of antibiotics by individuals worried about biological agent exposures during bioterrorism events is an important public health concern. However, little is documented about the extent to which individuals with self-identified risk of anthrax exposure approached physicians for antimicrobial prophylaxis during the 2001(More)
Reports of infectious diseases to local and state public health agencies are often delayed and incomplete. Some of the clinicians charged with the responsibility for making notifications encounter various difficulties in reporting. These may include heavy patient loads that make it easy to forget to file reports, or cumbersome disease reporting mechanisms(More)
The night sleep of sixteen 50-60-year-old women, which had been preceded by either afternoon naps or no-nap control periods, was assessed by polygraphic and subjective measures. There were 2 nap and 2 non-nap nights. The naps were limited to a 1-hr opportunity. The measures of all subjects, good nappers (more than 20-min sleep on both nap occasions), and(More)
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