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The Reluctant Mathematician
It is an honor when you are named for a curve which equation you have found. If the name is mistranslated – not so much. This was the fate of a remarkably talented mathematician – who happened to beExpand
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The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
What follows is a fictional introduction to an itinerant mathematician whose life was so devoted to number theory that he did without all the things that people usually desire. It could have happenedExpand
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A Short History of π
A verse in I Kings of the Old Testament of the Bible reads, “Also he made a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, and five cubits in height thereof; and a line of thirtyExpand
Measure and Measurement Reprise (Area and Perimeter, the Metric System)
Our ancestors in antiquity must have developed units of linear measurement before they got very far with measuring two-dimensional objects. There are two special interests in objects ofExpand
A Sad Tale
Those who have tears, prepare to shed them now as you learn the sad tale of a troubled young mathematical genius, Evariste Galois. He’s 16. Irritated. Hotheaded. Angered. Impatient. Nervous. He’sExpand
And, Yet it Moves
Is there anything on which everyone can agree? That’s the trouble with ‘truth.’ Everyone seeks it, and controversy occurs when it’s found. Can there be contradictory truths? If something is believedExpand
Sable Genius and Creating Washington D.C.
The fact that few Black Americans were noted for their contributions to mathematics and science is apparent. They were given few opportunities to do so, considered of inferior intelligence by theExpand
I Have Never Done Anything Like Others
‘How Long Is the Coast of Britain?’ is the title of a 1967 essay authored by Polishborn mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (November 20, 1924–October 14, 2010). Think about the question and otherExpand