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Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage
Leon Theremin led a life of flamboyant musical invention laced with daring electronic stealth. A creative genius and prolific inventor, Theremin launched the field of electronic music virtuallyExpand
Voltage Controlled Electronic Music Modules
Evolution of the Keyboard Interface: The Bosendorfer 290 SE Recording Piano and the Moog Multiply-Touch-Sensitive Keyboards
In Alfred Dolge's classic book Pianos and Their Makers, we learn that archetypes of the keyboard date to antiquity and that clavis (keys) came into use on church organs almost a thousand years ago (Dolge 1911). Expand
Frequency following circuit
A plurality of a signal peak detection circuits connected in cascade for operation on a complex waveform input signal, for generating a reference signal having peaks occurring in time with the peaksExpand