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Loss or alteration of taste is a rare phenomenon that may be idiopathic or may be caused by head trauma, medication use or systemic and local factors including various invasive dental procedures resulting in nerve damage. We present an unusual case of generalized taste change following an oral surgical procedure. The case is presented to enhance(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor invasion of the temporomandibular joint from the parotid gland is rare. Practitioners should be able to differentiate tumor involvement from temporomandibular disorders (TMDs). CASE DESCRIPTION . The authors present case reports of two patients with parotid gland masses accompanied by pain, dysfunction and other symptoms not consistent(More)
Coronoid hyperplasia is a rare entity of unknown etiology due to increased and persistent bone growth that has been associated with trauma, inflammation, hormonal influence and hypervascularization. A case of coronoid hyperplasia in a pediatric patient with restriction in mandibular movements and an absence of painful symptoms initially misdiagnosed as a(More)
Local immunosuppressive therapies without systemic effects represent a therapeutic advantage in management of immune/inflammatory oral mucosal conditions. Topical budesonide rinses were prescribed to patients with mucosal disease that was resistant to other intervention without side effects. A case of paraneoplastic pemphigus and a patient with oral(More)
A retrospective study was conducted on patients with burning mouth syndrome (BMS) to assess demographics, onset characteristics, temporal behavior (frequency), duration, and progression of oral burning symptoms. Additionally, treatments provided by health practitioners prior to a definitive diagnosis of BMS were analyzed with an overview of current(More)
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