Robert A Strang

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No standardised method for taste threshold measurement is available and therefore comparison between clinical studies is difficult. An electrogustometer was evaluated in normal subjects. No sex difference in taste threshold was noted; however, there was a significant elevation in detection threshold with age and smoking. Electrogustometric values both in(More)
Quantitative measurements of blood flow using xenon-133 to measure cerebral blood flow and krypton-85 to measure choroidal blood flow were made in 12 anesthetized baboons (Papio anubis). Analysis of the clearance curves of krypton from the eye and studies of the diffusion of krypton in the eye show that the inert gas-clearance method measures choroidal(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge & attitudes of healthcare providers (HCP) have significant impact on frequency with which vaccines are offered & accepted but many HCP are ill equipped to make informed recommendations about vaccine merits & risks. We performed an assessment of the educational needs of trainees regarding immunization and used the information thus(More)
Hypertension is the leading risk for premature death in the world. High dietary sodium is an important contributor to increased blood pressure and is strongly associated with other important diseases (e.g., gastric cancer, calcium containing kidney stones, osteoporosis, asthma and obesity). The average dietary sodium intake in Canada is approximately 3400(More)
Having established control values for choroidal and cerebral blood flow in twelve baboons, the response of both circulations to changing arterial PCO2 and intravenous acetazolamide was studied. The blood flow in both circulations varied directly with the PACO2, the magnitude of the response being very similar. There was a 3.6 percent change in both(More)
Disclaimer: The ideas expressed in this article are the authors' opinions as public health physicians and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their employers. ➣ The use of illegal drugs remains a serious ThreaT to community health. 1 However, despite the substantial social costs attributable to illegal drugs, a well-described discordance between(More)
Abundant adipose tissue in the epicardial groove, surrounding the kidneys and within the mesentery indicated the good body condition of the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Several abrasions were identified in the skin of the head which were attributed to trauma associated with the neurological signs exhibited by the deer while it was alive.(More)
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The validity of the inert gas clearance method for measuring choroidal blood flow has recently been demonstrated by studying the diffusion of krypton in ocular tissue. In this study the diffusion coefficients of krypton in rabbit ocular tissue were calculated from measurements of the diffusion coefficients of xenon. The mean values for the diffusion(More)
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