Robert A. Schulman

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We have constructed a local code generator for the VAX-11<supscrpt>2</supscrpt> using a parser-like instruction pattern matcher. The code generator replaces the second pass of the UNIX<supscrpt>3</supscrpt> Portable &#8220;Crdquo; compiler. This paper describes the design of the code generator and the special considerations imposed by the pattern matching(More)
Massage is an ancient practice that has been integrally incorporated into the management of disease and the maintenance of health across cultures and throughout time. This article discusses the history of massage and the present techniques in practice. The presumed therapeutic effects of massage and the scientific basis to support these ideas are examined.(More)
Background: Conservative management plays an important role in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Non-surgical options include physical and occupational therapy, splints, steroid injections, yoga, carpal bone mobilization, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Clinical experience demonstrates that acupuncture should be considered among these treatments as it(More)
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