Robert A Panariello

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A retrospective review of 72 acute ACL injuries in 70 athletically active patients (50 recreational and 20 competitive athletes) treated with primary repair and semitendinosus tendon augmentation was conducted (mean follow-up time, 38.5 months). All patients had open primary multiple loop depth-varying suture repair and semitendinosus tendon augmentation at(More)
The results of the first sixty-nine consecutive patients who had had seventy arthroscopically assisted reconstructions of the anterior cruciate ligament with use of an autogenous patellar-ligament graft at our institution were reviewed retrospectively. Sixty-seven patients (sixty-eight knees) were available for evaluation after a minimum of two years. All(More)
A retrospective study was performed to determine the etiology of failed primary anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and evaluate the clinical results of revision ACL surgery. From January 1989 to January 1996, 90 patients with failed ACL reconstructions underwent revision ACL surgery. The etiology of failed ACL reconstruction included 47(More)
The effect of iliotibial band "lateral sling" augmentation on long-term outcome in ACL reconstruction using free autogenous central-third patellar tendon was evaluated retrospectively. Eighty reconstructions were reviewed; the minimum followup was 2 years and the average was 4 years. Sixty percent of the procedures involved supplementation with a lateral(More)
Objective evaluation of patients' knee motion using mechanical devices, whether for diagnostic purposes or for assessing rehabilitative procedures, requires that these devices be reproducible, in order to avoid errors independent of the patients' condition. This study prospectively evaluates the reproducibility of two commercial knee test systems, the KT(More)
Although the squat exercise is considered essential for optimal athletic performance, controversy exists regarding the effect on knee stability. The purpose of this prospective study was to determine the effect of squat exercises on in vivo knee joint stability of professional football players. Thirty-two subjects with normal knees participated in a 21-week(More)
The whole of trading enterprises with many average/big saling-centres forms what is today commonly known as Large Organized Distribution (LOD). The main risks regarding the people working in the LOD are: MM, repetitive motion of upper limbs, fixed postures, unfavourable microclimatic conditions and, moreover, the probability of labour accidents. In order to(More)
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