Robert A. Murphey

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The ever growing number of wireless communications systems deployed around the globe have made the optimal assignment of a limited radio frequency spectrum a problem of primary importance. At issue are planning models for permanent spectrum allocation , licensing, regulation, and network design. Further at issue are on-line algorithms for dynamically(More)
In this report we describe the progress in developing a control architecture for human-in-the-loop wide area search munitions to reduce operator errors in the presence of unreliable automation and operator cognitive limitations. An optimal input tracking controller with adaptive automation uncertainty compensation and real-time workload assessment is(More)
Using Government drawings, specifications, or other data included in this document for any purpose other than Government procurement does not in any obligate the U.S. Government. The fact that the Government formulated or supplied the drawings, specifications, or other data does not license the holder or any other person or corporation, or convey any rights(More)
Active member of basic research team in the Navigation and Controls branch. Researching and developing high-level algorithms for optimization problems in telecommunications. Principal investigator and writer of numerous grant proposals. Supported the development and testing of state-of-the-art smart weapon systems using modeling and simulation , network(More)
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