Robert A. Magrath

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Eighty patients had cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), half having short (109 +/- 11 minutes) perfusions and half having long (188 +/- 14 min) perfusions. Twenty patients in each group were perfused with bubble oxygenators (Bentley, Harvey, or Galen) and 20 with membrane oxygenators (Modulung or Teflo). Hemodilution to a hematocrit value of 22.5% +/- 1.4% and(More)
BACKGROUND The ideal temperature for blood cardioplegia administration remains controversial. METHODS Fifty-two patients who required elective myocardial revascularization were prospectively randomized to receive intermittent antegrade tepid (29 degrees C; group T, 25 patients) or cold (4 degrees C; group C, 27 patients) blood cardioplegia. RESULTS The(More)
Consistency and accuracy of electromagnetic blood flow instrument measurements has been questioned at the Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. These instruments are utilized to measure blood flow in reversed autologous saphenous veins during coronary artery bypass surgery. The proper and accurate use of these instruments require that certain conditions must be(More)
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