Robert A. Kipp

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This study assessed diurnal variation of hamstring and lumbar flexibility and also measured flexibility differences between men and women. Sixty-seven healthy, recreationally active college students (M=31 and F=36; age, M=22.9+/-3.5 and F=21.7+/-2.8 years old) participated. Hamstring and lumbar flexibility measurements were taken at waking (baseline(More)
Traditional design guidelines for broadband antennas do not always produce satisfactory performance for the desired frequency range of interest. In addition, the accurate prediction of the freespace antenna performance is not sufficient to determine if the antenna will meet a larger system requirement because the performance of the antenna can change(More)
This paper discusses the methodology and capabilities of a new computational electromagnetic (CEM) software tool for radar signature prediction, in addition to presenting initial validation results. Signa is a software tool based on the shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) method for rapid prediction and analysis of coherent radar cross section (RCS), suitable(More)
Amplitude comparison monopulse antenna arrays produce a sum pattern and a difference pattern, which allow for highly accurate angular measurements to be performed with tracking radars. When a monopulse antenna array is mounted on a platform such as an aircraft, the radiation pattern of the antenna array can change relative to the free space pattern. In(More)
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