Robert A. Kipp

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The aims of the present study were to develop a method for classifying slalom skiing performance and to examine differences in mechanical parameters. Eighteen elite skiers were recorded with three-dimensional kinematical measurements and thereafter divided into a higher (HP) and lower performance group, using the ratio between the difference in mechanical(More)
This study assessed diurnal variation of hamstring and lumbar flexibility and also measured flexibility differences between men and women. Sixty-seven healthy, recreationally active college students (M=31 and F=36; age, M=22.9+/-3.5 and F=21.7+/-2.8 years old) participated. Hamstring and lumbar flexibility measurements were taken at waking (baseline(More)
Achievement of global environmental goals substantially depends on coordinated policies and action in the Asia and Pacific region, often identified as the global engine of economic growth. The global drivers identified in Chapter 1 – in particular unsustainable economic growth, population increase, mass consumption and urbanization – pose clear challenges(More)
Traditional design guidelines for broadband antennas do not always produce satisfactory performance for the desired frequency range of interest. In addition, the accurate prediction of the free-space antenna performance is not sufficient to determine if the antenna will meet a larger system requirement because the performance of the antenna can change(More)
Provider sponsored organizations (PSOs) are increasingly acquiring the risk for the management of Medicare Risk patients by accepting capitation directly from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) or through contracts with HMOs or other organizations contracting with HCFA. The Medicare population and the requirements that the federal(More)
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