Robert A. King

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The effectiveness of the theory of fuzzy sets in detecting different regional boundaries of X-ray images is demonstrated. The algorithm includes a prior enhancement of the contrast among the regions (having small change in gray levels) using the contrast intensification (INT) operation along with smoothing in the fuzzy property plane before detecting its(More)
pointed out for an ideal error-free measurement system, the sensitivity of Bayes' rule in feature selection is sometimes quite low and hence should be treated carefully for the nonideal case also. Nevertheless, any strategy for feature selection should in­ clude a component with minimum average measurement error. Relaxation of the assumption that stage 1)(More)
A hierarchical three-stage syntactic recognition algorithm using context-free grammars is described for automatic identification of skeletal maturity from X-rays of hand and wrist. The primitives considered are dot, straight line and arcs of three different curvatures (including both senses) in order to describe and interpret the structural development of(More)