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In this paper we describe how the microstructure of the Bruce & Young (1986) functional model of face recognition may be explored and extended using an interactive activation implementation. A simulation of the recognition of familiarity of individuals is developed which accounts for a range of published findings on the effects of semantic priming,(More)
In two experiments participants named pictures superimposed with unrelated words. The age of acquisition (AoA) of the picture names was manipulated. Additionally, the word frequency (WF, Experiment 1) or AoA (Experiment 2) of the interfering distractor words was manipulated. Early-acquired pictures were named faster than their late-acquired counterparts.(More)
We review urban models useful in transportation planning, focusing especially on ones that are based on geographic information systems (GIS) software. We then describe UPlan, a simple model written by us in the ArcView GIS. Several different applications of UPlan are outlined, involving transportation planning and the analysis of the growth-inducing effects(More)
Since the 1970s there has been a continuing interest in how people recognise familiar faces (Bruce, 1979; Ellis, 1975). This work has complemented investigations of how unfamiliar faces are processed and the findings from these two strands of research have given rise to accounts that propose qualitatively different forms of representation for familiar and(More)
In 2 experiments, the authors explored age of acquisition (AoA) and word frequency (WF) effects in picture naming using the psychological refractory period paradigm. In Experiment 1, participants named a picture and then, a short time later, categorized 1 of 3 possible auditory tones as high, medium, or low. Both AoA (Experiment 1A) and WF (Experiment 1B)(More)
Using Garner's speeded classification task existing studies demonstrated an asymmetric interference in the recognition of facial identity and facial expression. It seems that expression is hard to interfere with identity recognition. However, discriminability of identity and expression, a potential confounding variable, had not been carefully examined in(More)
In this study, we apply an integrated land use and transportation model, the Sacramento MEPLAN model, to evaluate transit investment alternatives combined with supportive land use policies and pricing polices in the Sacramento region. Highway investment alternatives are simulated as well for purposes of comparison. The application of the Sacramento MEPLAN(More)
The Umverstty of Cahforraa Transportatmn Center (UCTC) ~s one of ten regnonal umts mandated by Congress and estabhshed m Fail 1988 to support research, educaaon, and trmmng m surface trans-portanon The UC Center serves federal Regmn IX and is supported by matching grants from the U S Department of Transportatmn, the Cahfomm Department of Transportation(More)
The ability to recognize individual faces is of crucial social importance for humans and evolutionarily necessary for survival. Consequently, faces may be "special" stimuli, for which we have developed unique modular perceptual and recognition processes. Some of the strongest evidence for face processing being modular comes from cases of prosopagnosia,(More)
The Working Party was instituted to investigate the rationale of prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotic use in penetrating craniocerebral injuries (PCCI), and to make recommendations for current practice. A systematic review of papers on civilian and military PCCI over the past 25 and 50 years, respectively, was done via electronic databases and secondary(More)