Robert A. Heath

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Response time (RT) is a commonly used measure of cognitive performance, which is usually characterized as stochastic. However, useful information may be hidden in the apparently random fluctuations of RT. Dynamical systems analysis techniques allow an exploration of the alternative hypothesis that RT fluctuations are deterministic, albeit in a complex(More)
The accumulator model proposed by Vickers and the modified random-walk model proposed by Link and Heath are compared in their ability to account for confidence judgments in line-length discrimination tasks. The random-walk model proves to be a viable alternative to the accumulator model, and is able to account for the relationship between mean response time(More)
A mathematical model for the inter-keypress times (IKT) in a typing task is proposed. The model, which includes a diffusion process terminated by a single response threshold, was evaluated using data obtained from typists. The differences in performance for successive cross-hand and within-hand keypresses were examined using IKT distributions and hazard(More)
This study investigated spiral drawing performance as an indicator of fine motor function, as well as to gain insight into adaptive movement strategies used by people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Seven people with MS, nine younger controls (mean age of 20) and eight older controls (mean age of 40) drew spirals on a graphics tablet at a comfortable speed(More)
Modern graphical and computational techniques for detecting nonlinearity in psychological data sets are presented. These procedures allow researchers to determine the information complexity of temporal data, using physiological and psychological measurements, and to provide evidence for chaos in time series contaminated by measurement noise. Problems with(More)
The complex dynamics of the human hand/arm system need to be precisely controlled to produce fine movements such as those found in handwriting. This study employs dynamical systems analysis techniques to further understand how this system is controlled when it is functioning well and when it is compromised through motor function degradation (e.g. from(More)
Abstrakt This paper presents a method of cleaning paraffinic crude oil sludge from storage tanks by shearing and resuspension using an in-line jet mixer. An explanation is presented of why sludge deposition occurs in storage tanks that contain paraffinic crude oil. Conventional methods of tank cleaning are discussed. A theory regarding the behaviour of a(More)
The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) model for human decision-making has been successfully applied to account for response accuracy and response time (RT) data in recent two-choice decision models. A variant of the OU model is shown to arise from the response dynamics of a nonlinear network consisting of randomly connected neural processing units. When feedback(More)
J. Entomo. Sci. 43(1): 76-85 (January 2008) Abstract Fruit flies in the genus Anastrepha, especially the reproductive age females, are attracted to protein baits. Synthetic lures based on the principal components of protein degradation, especially ammonia along with acetic acid, were tested against 3 of the most economically important species. The results(More)