Robert A. Hadaway

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—This paper is concerned with the design of precision MOS anafog circuits. Section ff of the paper discusses the characterization and modeling of mismatch in MOS transistors. A characterization methodology is presented that accurately predicts the mismatch in drain current over a wide operating range using a minimumset of measured data. The physical causes(More)
Design of concurrent error detectable current-mode A/D converters for real-time applications, " Int. and modeling of mismatch in MOS transistors for precision analog design , " IEEE J. Abstract—Among the various modulation schemes proposed for chaos-based digital communications, chaos-shift keying (CSK) and differential chaos-shift keying (DCSK) have been(More)
GaAs HBT technology is being challenged for existing and new product applications. SiC FETs and GaN HEMTs have been shown to have significant power delivery advantage when large supply voltages are required. InP HBTs are emerging as the next technology for very high-speed applications. After years of promise and controversy, the SiGe HBT is beginning to be(More)
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