Robert A. Francis

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It is relatively common for edited volumes to be based around the completion of team-led projects or workshops , and the results can be something of a mixed bag. It can be questionable as to whether some chapters should have been included on merit or are there for completeness, and whether advances are made beyond any journal articles that may have emerged(More)
This article considers the utility of DNA barcodes for conservation. DNA barcoding is a molecular tool that uses standardised genetic primers, traditionally the 600- to 800-segments of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome c oxidase I, to classify species. It has become increasingly popular as an efficient way of studying and categorising species to prioritise(More)
Road deicing agents that enter wetlands can affect amphibians both directly via their toxic effects and indirectly by altering food web interactions. We conducted experiments to determine whether larvae of the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) are more strongly influenced by direct versus indirect effects of salt concentration. Using outdoor(More)
The River Thames through central London has seen significant environmental recovery, particularly in regard to water quality, but a substantial barrier to further ecological improvement is the spatial restriction of riparian areas. Flood defence walls represent a potential habitat for ecological improvements to benefit biodiversity. However before(More)
Terrestrial breeding with extended incubation has evolved repeatedly in fishes and amphibians but raises challenges for embryos, which must conserve sufficient yolk to continue development until water is available. One means of avoiding premature yolk consumption is for embryos to slow their development such that yolk is consumed more slowly. However slower(More)
We studied eight young smokers and ten nonsmokers, to determine whether respiratory epithelial permeability to radiolabelled diethylenetriamine penta-acetate (99mTcDTPA) was related to small airway function or bronchial reactivity. Permeability was measured in inner (containing central airways) and outer lung zones by gamma camera. Lung-to-blood half-time(More)
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