Robert A. Ellis

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This study describes a set of institutional indicators that suggest minimum standards for the quality assurance of learning supported by learning management systems in blended contexts. The indicators are evaluated by comparing seven universities that use a common learning management system to support student learning experiences. The responses to a(More)
This paper reports a phenomenographic investigation into students’ experiences of learning through discussion – both online and face to face (F2F). The study context was a second-year undergraduate course in psychology for social work in which the teacher had designed discussion tasks to begin in F2F mode and to continue online. A combination of open-ended(More)
The areas of educational data mining and learning analytics focus on the extraction of knowledge and actionable items from data sets containing detailed information about students. However, the potential impact from these techniques is increased when properly contextualized within a learning environment. More studies are needed to explore the connection(More)
A main goal for learning analytics is to inform the design of a learning experience to improve its quality. The increasing presence of solutions based on big data has even questioned the validity of current scientific methods. Is this going to happen in the area of learning analytics? In this paper we postulate that if changes are driven solely by a digital(More)
This article presents research on students’ experiences of learning through a blend of face-to-face and online discussion. The participants in our study were students enrolled in a foreign policy course at a major Australian university. Students’ conceptions of learning through discussion, and their approaches to both face-to-face and online discussion,(More)
This study reports on the student experience of learning through writing in an undergraduate science subject. During their writing experience, 52 first year university science students used a writing database, bulletin board and word-processor. Using quantitative questionnaires developed from student learning research, this study investigates the quality of(More)