Robert A Diseker

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BACKGROUND Male circumcision status has been shown to be associated with sexually transmitted disease (STD) acquisition in some, but not all, studies. Most studies have been cross sectional. OBJECTIVES We examined the association between circumcision status and the prevalence and incidence of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and syphilis. METHODS We analysed(More)
In 1993, the levels of copper (Cu) in much of Nebraska's drinking water exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) action level of 1.3 mg/L. To determine the association of copper with gastrointestinal (GI) illness in August 1994 the authors interviewed persons living in households with 1993 Cu levels > 3 mg/L (51 households), 2-3 mg/L (54(More)
The nature and direction of changes in empathy as measured by Hogan's empathy scale was explored over time (1975, 1976, and 1979) for medical students in the class of 1979 at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Results indicated that empathy scores declined slightly over time, correlated negatively with Medical College Admission Test scores, and were(More)
BACKGROUND The Cancer Research Network (CRN) comprises the National Cancer Institute and 11 nonprofit research centers affiliated with integrated health care delivery systems. The CRN, a public/private partnership, fosters multisite collaborative research on cancer prevention, screening, treatment, survival, and palliation in diverse populations. METHODS(More)
In January 1977, a Telephone Information System (Tel-Med) was begun in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A survey was conducted to determine how Tel-Med was meeting the community's need for health information and to see if program objectives were being met. Respondents in 3,005 randomly selected households were interviewed by telephone to determine user(More)
This investigation estimated the extent of noncompliance with follow-up to screening for cervical dysplasia at a public health family planning clinic. Available data also permitted examination of the relationship between selected background characteristics and compliance with follow-up. Noncompliance was defined as failure to respond to notification of an(More)
This study examines the weight-for-height index q = w/h lambda where the parameter lambda is chosen to maximize the correlation of q with triceps skinfold thickness, and thus provide an indirect measure of adiposity. Using a sample of 1668 children ages 5-12 years, we estimate lambda by an iterative procedure in each age/sex category. We find that lambda(More)
This study examines several weight for height indices--Quetelet's index W/H2, W/H, and Rohrer's index W/H3--for their appropriateness in estimating adiposity among young children. Data were obtained for a sample of 1,668 children age 5-12 residing in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Although W/H2 was found to be the most useful of these indices, the results(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to assess referral and enrollment rates for postdischarge outpatient cardiac rehabilitation in a managed care organization. METHODS A prospective cohort study investigated Atlanta area managed care members, age 30 years or older, hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction or coronary revascularization during 1997-1999.(More)
BACKGROUND Errors in the classification of male circumcision status could bias studies linking infection to lack of circumcision. GOAL To determine the frequency and factors associated with the reproducibility of reporting circumcision status. STUDY DESIGN Secondary analysis of data using logistic regression modeling from a multicenter randomized(More)