Robert A. Davis

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The effects of varying levels of immersion in virtual reality environments on participant's heart rate, respiration rate, peripheral skin temperature, and skin resistance levels were examined. Subjective reports of presence were also noted. Participants were presented with a virtual environment of an airplane flight both as seen from a two-dimensional(More)
In this paper, we present a new strategy for providing flexibility in hard real-time systems. This approach, based on dual priorities, retains the offline guarantees afforded to crucial tasks by fixed priority scheduling. Further, it provides an efficient method of responsively scheduling soft tasks and a means of providing online guarantees for tasks with(More)
This report presents some initial results of our research which addresses the increasing gaps between the power of multicore/multiprocessor systems and the lack of development models and tools that help programmers exploit such power while ensuring correctness and predictability. One specific goal of our research is to support service contracts on(More)
The effective management of knowledge is critical for organizations that are striving to gain or maintain a competitive advantage and that are in the process of restructuring for the new century. Decision-making is an important factor for growing organizational memory with newly created knowledge and a broader base of perspectives to use in subsequent(More)
In this paper, we show that two recently published on-line acceptance tests for guaranteeing hard deadline aperiodic tasks scheduled under the Slack Stealing algorithm are insufficient: they may guarantee tasks which will then miss their deadlines. Further, we derive a sufficient acceptance test which is both efficient and effective. An evaluation of the(More)
Our approach to tissue modeling incorporates biologically derived primitives into a computational engine (CellSim) coupled with a genetic search algorithm. By expanding an evolved synthetic genome CellSim is capable of developing a virtual tissue with higher order properties. Using primitives based on cell signaling, gene networks, cell division, growth,(More)