Robert A. Davis

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The effective management of knowledge is critical for organizations that are striving to gain or maintain a competitive advantage and that are in the process of restructuring for the new century. Decision-making is an important factor for growing organizational memory with newly created knowledge and a broader base of perspectives to use in subsequent(More)
BACKGROUND Uncontrolled treatment-resistant hypertension (TRH), i.e., blood pressure (BP, mm Hg) ≥140/≥90mm Hg in and out of office on ≥3 different BP medications at optimal doses, is common and has a poor prognosis. Aldosterone antagonist (AA) and renin-guided therapy (RGT) are effective strategies for improving BP control in TRH but have not been(More)
While hospitals have widely adopted quality improvement (QI) initiatives, primary care practices continue to face unique challenges to QI implementation. The purpose of this article is to outline a strategy for promoting QI in primary care practices by introducing specially trained nurses. Two case examples are described, one with a QI nurse external to the(More)
This paper presents an efficient content-based image retrieval system that captures users' semantic concepts in clusters. These semantically homogeneous clusters aid in the retrieval system to accurately measure the semantic similarity among images and therefore reduce the semantic gap. They also aid in the retrieval system to find matched images in a few(More)