Robert A. Ciottone

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The authors compared the effectiveness of three anxiety-reducing interventions for patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging. Each of 50 subjects was randomly assigned to one of the interventions. Intervention 1 involved provision of information about the imager and nature of the examination. Intervention 2 included information and counseling.(More)
To determine and quantify the major sources of anxiety for patients undergoing magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and to suggest means by which to eliminate or diminish their negative effects, the authors studied anxiety in 46 subjects. Of these, 20 randomly selected subjects who successfully completed the examination participated in exit interviews. Six(More)
Over 300 psychiatric inpatients and their residents responded to a questionnaire eliciting their views concerning the degree of benefit derived by patients from each of 20 aspects of the inpatient experience in a university hospital psychiatric service. Three major trends emerged: (1.) Patients consistently attributed greater benefit toall aspects of the(More)
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