Robert A. Allen

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Host remodeling is important for the success of medical implants, including vascular substitutes. Synthetic and tissue-engineered grafts have yet to show clinical effectiveness in arteries smaller than 5 mm in diameter. We designed cell-free biodegradable elastomeric grafts that degrade rapidly to yield neoarteries nearly free of foreign materials 3 months(More)
The foundational structure of a new model of user perception of computer system response time is proposed. It is suggested that the development of such a model is now of central importance to the computer system configuration design effort. The new model is seen to explain the success of an earlier measure, designed for the non-interactive environment, in(More)
Many surgical interventions for cardiovascular disease are limited by the availability of autologous vessels or suboptimal performance of prosthetic materials. Tissue engineered vascular grafts show significant promise, but have yet to achieve clinical efficacy in small caliber (<5 mm) arterial applications. We previously designed cell-free elastomeric(More)
A description of our teaching protocol is given which has been tested concurrently on two classes, one at Mercer University and one at California State University. These classes were general-studies/community enrichment courses and were teaching their students how to use the Internet. Both classes met simultaneously and used the Internet to communicate(More)
A b stra c t One goal of traditional CPU scheduling algori­ thms (like Round Robin) is to provide homogeneous service to all jobs in the system. Another traditional goal is to provide minimal mean system response time. While these goals are intuitively pleasing, there is little evidence to support the assumption that users ben­ efit from minimal mean system(More)
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