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Although in this example CP2 executed faster than tlALI~ISTEAD by a factor of aproximately 2:1, other examples can easily be constructed so that HaLf, STEaD outperforms CP2. Since the performance of each function is governed not only by the number of terms desired as output, but also by the distribution of the individual claim amounts, a rigorous analysis(More)
A prospective study of forty adult asthmatic patients attending two chest clinics in the City of Liverpool was undertaken. All patients had reversible airways obstruction and were under treatment with either beclomethasone dipropionate or sodium cromoglycate. Satisfactory symptomatic control was achieved in both groups of patients on a subjective basis, but(More)
The following documented algorithm solves the standard linear programming problem of optimizing a linear form subject to linear inequality or equality constraints and nonnegativity conditions. The solution procedure incorporates the standard simplex method with no embellishments. There is only one loop corresponding to the basic simplex iteration.
use of this product withstanding restrictions on certain functions and other standard copyright issues. I think the Spreadsheet Manager is a valuable enhancement to the APL*PLUS PC product line. Since this review is based on the first release there are almost certainly to be a series of improvements in succeeding updates. There are a few facilities I missed(More)
  • R A Agnew
  • 1965
Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is an uncommon manifestation of thyrotoxicosis and the condition is most commonly reported in young Asian men. Patient often presents with acute onset symmetrical flac-cid muscle paralysis and proximal limb muscles may be more severely involved compared to distal muscles. Thyroid swelling as well as features of thyrotoxicosis(More)
Serum angiotensin converting enzyme activities were estimated during pregnancy and the puerperium in a woman with sarcoidosis and a series of normal women. In the patient with sarcoidosis angiotensin converting enzyme activity was raised during pregnancy, particularly at 21 weeks' gestation, yet she remained well with no symptoms to suggest relapse of(More)