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Although in this example CP2 executed faster than tlALI~ISTEAD by a factor of aproximately 2:1, other examples can easily be constructed so that HaLf, STEaD outperforms CP2. Since the performance of each function is governed not only by the number of terms desired as output, but also by the distribution of the individual claim amounts, a rigorous analysis(More)
The following documented algorithm solves the standard linear programming problem of optimizing a linear form subject to linear inequality or equality constraints and nonnegativity conditions. The solution procedure incorporates the standard simplex method with no embellishments. There is only one loop corresponding to the basic simplex iteration.
1. INTRODUCTION. After two centuries of experimentation with alternative allocation rules, and considerable political maneuvering, the issue of the " best " method for allocating seats in the U.S. House of Representatives remains unsettled, although the field has narrowed considerably to so-called " divisor " methods.
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