Robert A. Agnew

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A problem of considerable practical importance is that of repetitively scheduling runs or lots of different products on a single facility or machine. Examples are different parts to be worked on a single lathe or different chemicals to be processed in a single reactor. We deal here with the deterministic, steady-state problem where setup times and costs(More)
1. INTRODUCTION. After two centuries of experimentation with alternative allocation rules, and considerable political maneuvering, the issue of the " best " method for allocating seats in the U.S. House of Representatives remains unsettled, although the field has narrowed considerably to so-called " divisor " methods.
A prospective study of forty adult asthmatic patients attending two chest clinics in the City of Liverpool was undertaken. All patients had reversible airways obstruction and were under treatment with either beclomethasone dipropionate or sodium cromoglycate. Satisfactory symptomatic control was achieved in both groups of patients on a subjective basis, but(More)