Roberd Saragih

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The remote monitoring system is growing very rapidly due to the growth of supporting technologies as well. Problem that may occur in remote monitoring such as the number of objects to be monitored and how fast, how much data to be transmitted to the data center to be processed properly. This study proposes using a cloud computing infrastructure as(More)
Cloud computing today has now been growing as new technologies and new business models. In distributed technology perspective, cloud computing most like client-server services like web-based or web-service but it used virtual resources to execute. Currently, cloud computing relies on the use of an elastic virtual machine and the use of network for data(More)
This paper is aimed to create implementation crawler engine or search engine using cloud computing infrastructure. This approach use virtual machines on a cloud computing infrastructure to run service engine crawlers and also for application servers. Based on our initial experiments, this research has successfully built crawler engine that runs on Virtual(More)
  • Roberd Saragih
  • 2011 9th IEEE International Conference on Control…
  • 2011
This paper concerned with the problem of optimization of parameters for the flexible structure. The structure has 4 stories and each story is modeled such that it has a single degree of freedom in the transverse direction and one more degree of freedom in the angle of torsion around the centroid of the story. The model of structure, absorber and stroke are(More)
A Genetic Algorithm (GA) based approach for design of H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> passive control for a flexible structure is presented. The flexible structure has six degrees of freedom and the control system is designed by using the H<inf>&#x221E;</inf>-control theory. The passive control is to minimize the H<inf>&#x221E;</inf>-norm from closed loop transfer(More)
Model order reduction of bilinear time invariant systems based on H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> norm or least upper bound of difference equation is presented in this paper. The difference equation of the bilinear time invariant system is presented as error transfer function between full order and reduced order of the bilinear time invariant system. The proposed(More)