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  • Wayne Hodgins, Erik Duval, Carlos C Amano, Thor Anderson, Patricia Barkman, Bill Blackmon +48 others
  • 2002
and thus a draft of a proposed IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.1 As such, this document may still be subject to changes in the final editing for publishing by IEEE as an approved IEEE – SA Standard. Permission is hereby granted for IEEE Standards Committee participants to reproduce this document for purposes of IEEE standardization activities only. Prior to(More)
We tested the effectiveness of an intensive, on average 17-session, adaptive and computerized working-memory training program for improving performance on untrained, paper and pencil working memory tasks, standardized school achievement tasks, and teacher ratings of classroom behavior. Third-grade children received either a computerized working memory(More)
Metadata and interoperability standards are essential to support the educational and commercial effectiveness of learning technology. A number of related and cooperating organizations are working to develop such standards. This paper briefly explains why such standards are important, who is involved in their development, and what standards are being(More)
Permission is granted to copy and to distribute this paper provided that no alterations are made, the paper is distributed in its entirety and copies are distributed at no cost. 1 Geoff Collier (gcollier@eduworks.com) is a senior partner at Eduworks Corporation and has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing student administration systems.(More)