Robb Lindgren

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—Web-based video collaboration environments have transformative potentials for video-enhanced education and for video-based research studies. We first describe DIVER, a platform designed to solve a set of core challenges we have identified in supporting video collaboratories. We then characterize five Collaboration Design Patterns (CDPs) that emerged from(More)
We describe an approach to designing immersive learning experiences for children using <i>body-based metaphors</i>. Previous research shows benefits for learning through physical interactions in virtual spaces (e.g., [1, 16])---here we look specifically at using mixed reality to embed children as elements within the systems they are attempting to learn.(More)
Interactive and immersive digital environments offer promising avenues for embodied interaction --- learning by enacting concepts through one's body. These environments have the potential to generate intuitive forms of understanding about processes and principles in areas such as science. More needs to be known, however, about how to design systems that(More)
The sinking costs of producing digital video and its growing presence on the Internet suggest that it has potential for use in web-based learning technologies. However, there have been few investigations into how the kind of interaction one has with video impacts subsequent learning. In this in-progress study participants are asked to watch video of an(More)
We describe a study in which students in two science classes worked on a collaborative learning task using either a shared display or individual displays. The purpose is to inform how display interactions support group collaboration and individual learning when using media technologies. We examined individual learning outcomes as well as behavioral(More)
Jordan and Henderson (1995) outline a research methodology they term interaction analysis—a powerful method for investigating human activity in which a group of researchers come together in a meeting to offer their insights on some video recorded event. Although the interaction analysis approach proved to be highly influential for ethnographers and other(More)