Robb L Heier

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Microtubules form a cytoskeletal framework that influences cell shape and provides structural support for the cell. Microtubules in the nervous system undergo a unique post-translational modification, polyglutamylation of the C termini of their tubulin subunits. The mammalian enzymes that perform beta-tubulin polyglutamylation as well as their physiological(More)
ROSA22 male mice are sterile due to a recessive gene-trap mutation that affects development of the spermatid flagellum. The defect involves the flagellar axoneme, which becomes unstable around the time of its assembly. Despite a subsequent complete failure in flagellar assembly, development of the spermatid head appears normal and the spermatid head is(More)
Microtubules function as molecular tracks along which motor proteins transport a variety of cargo to discrete destinations within the cell. The carboxyl termini of alpha- and beta-tubulin can undergo different posttranslational modifications, including polyglutamylation, which is particularly abundant within the mammalian nervous system. Thus, this(More)
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