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This paper examines open hypermedia systems, and presents the case that such systems provide a step forward for dealing with large, dynamic data sets in distributed, heterogeneous environments by allowing users to access and integrate information and processes in richer and more diverse ways than haa previously been possible. In particular, the enhanced(More)
  • Rob Wilkins
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 2008
Eco-efficiency is concerned with the efficient and sustainable use of resources in farm production and land management. It can be increased either by altering the management of individual crop and livestock enterprises or by altering the land-use system. This paper concentrates on the effects of crop sequence and rotation on soil fertility and nutrient use(More)
Four automated blood cell counting systems were evaluated at the Michigan State University Veterinary Clinical Center (VCC) for their suitability for analyzing various animals' blood in a university teaching hospital laboratory. The instruments were compared to a Coulter Model S-Senior (Coulter Electronics)which had been used for 8 years, and was to be(More)
We developed a reproducible, relatively rapid bioassay that quantitatively correlates with the osteoinductive capacity of demineralized bone matrix obtained from human long bones. We have found that Saos human osteosarcoma cells proliferate in response to incubation with demineralized bone matrix and that an index of this proliferative activity correlates(More)
Microcosm is an open architecture hypermedia system in which documents remain in their native format and link information is held in separate link databases. This has facilitated the introduction of generic links which, once authored from a text string to a destination anchor, may be followed from any occurrence of the text string in any document. The(More)
A mesenteric mass, histologically characterized as giant lymph node hyperplasia was found in an 18-yr-old man with at least 11 yr of growth retardation and anemia. The anemia was characterized by iron deficiency from selective malabsorption of iron, and by features of the anemia of chronic disorders. In contrast with a previous report, no inhibitor of(More)
Microcosm is an open hypermedia system within which it is possible to make and follow links from one multimedia document to another. The open nature of the system gives rise to a number of difficult user interface issues which are demonstrated in the video. The system consists of a number of viewers which allow the user to view and interact with many(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of Microcosm, an open hypermedia system. It examines the limitations of the initial prototype and describes the redesign that resulted in Microcosm version 2.0,.as well as details of its implementation. The new model has a greatly enhanced filter mechanism for handling the back-end processes of the system,(More)
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique to detect Chlamydia trachomatis DNA was used to examine synovial specimens from patients with reactive arthritis. We were able to detect C. trachomatis DNA in synovial specimens which had been seeded with intact elementary bodies or chlamydial DNA. However, we were unable to detect chlamydial DNA in unseeded(More)