Rob Van Kranenburg

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The Privacy Coach is an application running on a mobile phone that supports customers in making privacy decisions when confronted with RFID tags. The approach we take to increase customer privacy is a radical departure from the mainstream research efforts that focus on implementing privacy enhancing technologies on the RFID tags themselves. Instead the(More)
In this short text the authors claim that the challenges posed by Internet of Things cannot be managed with the current policy tools and research programs, as these are too slow and too instrumental. These challenges are: a) global cooperation and standards, b) new business models and new currencies, c) ethics, control society, surveillance, consent and(More)
In this paper we argue for ICT technologies to play a more prominent role in supporting the governance of our society. The Internet together with Web2.0 technologies such as social media have enabled a shift of power towards individuals in recent years, making governance of our societies increasingly difficult with our outdated government structures. We(More)
Much of the current pervasive computing research concentrates on devices and the communication between them. However, an important aspect of pervasive devices is their interface with the physical world—particularly, how they acquire information about their users. One rich medium (and the dominant one through which people receive information) is vision. As(More)
Among many Infrastructures based Middle-wares proposed Global Sensor Network (GSN) is one among them to mitigate the co-existence issue to interconnect IP based and legacy Wireless Sensor Networks. It is an open-source, Infrastructure based abstraction Middle-ware developed in Java. Though there are advantages like simplicity, adaptability, lightweight and(More)
In line with the view of the SOCIOTAL EU project, this work presents a crucial next step in the transformation of an emerging business-driven Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure into an all-inclusive one, tailored to the society and with the aim to accelerate the creation of a socially aware citizen-centric Internet of Things. To this purpose, this(More)
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