Rob T. Udink

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The ImpUNITY framework is an extension of the UNITY framework. It contains several program structuring mechanisms and puts special emphasis on compositional reenement of both speciications and programs. It has an associated temporal logic, formal reenement notions, and program transformation rules. In this paper we show how coordination in the form of a(More)
Stepwise reenement of programs has proven to be a suitable method for developing parallel and distributed programs. We examine and compare a number of diierent notions of program reenement for Unity. Two of these notions are based on execution sequences. Reenement corresponds to the reduction of the set of execution sequences, i.e. reducing the amount of(More)
We examine the expressive power of Unity properties in relation to execution sequences of Unity programs. One might expect that if two programs have the same unless and leadsto properties, then they have the same execution sequences. We show that this is not true. We examine whether this diierence vanishes if we adopt a stronger notion of fairness, or use(More)