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In this paper, we provide new reliability data on commercially available enhancement mode GaN transistors under a wide variety of stress conditions. The first section reports data on long-term, large sample size qualification testing under high temperature reverse bias (HTRB) and high temperature gate bias (HTGB). Environmental reliability data is also(More)
We report on the use of metal-insulator-semiconductor ~MIS! diodes, formed on n-GaN with SiO2 , for capacitive strain sensing. These diodes, when subjected to static strain, were found to exhibit a steady-state change in capacitance. As a result, they can be used to detect strain with frequencies all the way down to dc. We formulate a model to explain the(More)
The velocity distribution of swimming micro-organisms depends on directional cues supplied by the environment. Directional swimming within a bounded space results in the accumulation of organisms near one or more surfaces. Gravity, gradients of chemical concentration and illumination affect the motile behaviour of individual swimmers. Concentrated(More)
The use of hybrid integration schemes is investigated using a combination of a SiOC film at the via level and a porous SiLK Y film at the trench level. Sequential finite element analysis is used to determine the mechanics and, subsequently, a hybrid damascene interconnect is built to demonstrate the approach.
Experiments and calculations on the trajectories of micron-sized spheres, suspended in a fluid that fills a dosed container which rotates about an axis perpendicular to g, relate to the planning and interpretation of clinostat experiments. For low Reynolds number motion, the orbits are nearly circular, the radius being inversely proportional to the rotation(More)
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