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Telepsychology offers the potential to reach rural and underserved children and families with mental health concerns. The current study evaluated the effects of using videoconferencing technology to deliver an evidence-based parenting program, the Group Triple P Positive Parenting Program (Group Triple P; Turner, Markie-Dadds, & Sanders, 2002), with(More)
The activities of several proline-specific endo- and exopeptidases were determined in homogenates of immunocytochemically defined cultures of astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and neurones obtained from rat cerebral cortex. Astrocytes are significantly enriched in post-proline cleaving dipeptidyl peptidase II, prolidase and aminopeptidase P activities; neurones(More)
Families with a child diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder completed an 8-session parenting program, the Group Triple P Positive Parenting Program, provided by videoconferencing technology. Families reported improved child behavior (effect size of d = -1.23) and decreased parent distress (d = -0.34). Parent training implemented with(More)
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