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This paper presents the design and implementation of a firmware-based TPM 2.0 (fTPM) leveraging ARM TrustZone. The fTPM is the reference implementation used in millions of mobile devices, and was the first hardware or software implementation to support the newly released TPM 2.0 specification. This paper describes the shortcomings of ARM’s TrustZone for(More)
Commodity CPU architectures, such as ARM and Intel CPUs, have started to offer trusted computing features in their CPUs aimed at displacing dedicated trusted hardware. Unfortunately, these CPU architectures raise serious challenges to building trusted systems because they omit providing secure resources outside the CPU perimeter. This paper shows how to(More)
1 Abstract RIoT (Robust Internet-of-Things) is an architecture for providing foundational trust services to computing devices. The trust services include device identity, sealing, attestation, and data integrity. The term “Robust” is used because the minimal trusted computing base is tiny, and because RIoT capabilities can remotely re-establish trust in(More)
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