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Literature data for visual pigment spectra are formally treated by assuming that the spectra consist of a summation of absorbance bands, that the shape of the bands is invariant according to the Mansfield-MacNichol transform and that this shape is described by simple exponential functions. A new template for constructing visual pigment spectra from peak(More)
The distribution of dopamine (DA)-containing neurons in the guinea-pig brain was investigated immunohistochemically using antibodies raised against glutaraldehyde-conjugated DA. Light microscopical studies revealed the presence of nearly 50,000 DA-immunoreactive cells, localized throughout the hypothalamus and the midbrain. With a few exceptions the(More)
Tor is a network designed for low-latency anonymous communications. Tor clients form circuits through relays that are listed in a public directory, and then relay their encrypted traffic through these circuits. This indirection makes it difficult for a local adversary to determine with whom a particular Tor user is communicating. In response, some local(More)
1. The dependence of dark-adapted fly (Calliphora vicina) photoreceptors on oxygen was investigated by measuring the electroretinogram (ERG), the receptor potential, and the redox states of the mitochondrial cytochromes. The redox states were determined via reflection microspectrophotometry on white-eyed fly mutants. 2. The light sensitivity of the(More)
Possible modulatory effects of histamine (HA) on electrically-evoked neurotransmitter release from slices of a number of rat brain regions were investigated. Neither the release of [(3)H]DA nor that of [(14)C]ACh from neostriatal slices were affected by HA (up to 3 ?M). In contrast, HA (1 ?M) inhibited the release of [(3)H]NA from slices of both frontal(More)
The growth in popularity of hand-held mobile devices has fuelled research exploring how to harness the collective abilities of sensors attached to these devices. One area of development has been urban sensing, which explores building a crowd-sourced wireless sensor network using consumer mobile devices. Urban sensing participants use their devices to(More)
High quality computer-generated imagery (CGI) rendering is a demanding computational task [Hearn and Baker 1997]. To generate high-quality CGI, film studios rely on expensive, specialized, rendering clusters (render farms) [Rath 2009]. Render farms cost a premium over more general infrastructure such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings.(More)
Previously it has been shown that radiolabelled histamine is taken up by brain slices and may subsequently be released by depolarizing stimuli in a calcium-dependent manner, indicating the involvement of neurons in uptake and release of histamine. The present study demonstrates that after incubation of brain slices with low (nM) concentrations of(More)
The complex of desirable maternal traits includes litter size, mothering ability and milk production, combined with aspects of piglet viability or survival and sow rebreeding performance. There are two major contradictory elements within this trait complex. Firstly, larger litters will be, on average, lighter at birth, and result in an extended duration of(More)
In this immunocytochemical study the localization of histaminergic neurons in the guinea-pig brain was investigated using an antiserum raised against rat histidine decarboxylase. The total number of histaminergic cells appeared to be between 4200 and 4800, which is considerably higher than the number reported by others for the rat brain. The major groups of(More)