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Recent advances in wireless network technologies create the potential to significantly enhance the experience of a visit to a museum. On the exhibit floor, visitors carrying wirelessly connected portable devices can be given opportunities for exploration, sharing, explanations, context, background, analytical tools, and suggestions for related experiences.(More)
Introduction Evolutionary biology is a tangible science: Researchers use their eyes, ears, and minds to observe, hold, and compare living things. We wanted our Web site, “From Jungle to Lab: The Study of Life’s Complexity,” to bring that tangible experience to our audience, allowing them to see into the places where the work is done and talk directly with(More)
Despite its lack of 3-D reality presence, the Web has some particular capabilities which make it of great interest to the museum world. It is both a temporal and a spatial medium. It provides the opportunity to meld imagery, text and interactivity. And it provides for both individual as well as group (albeit distributed) experience. These attributes are(More)
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