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Activation of caspase-3 requires proteolytic processing of the inactive zymogen into p18 and p12 subunits. We generated a rabbit polyclonal antiserum, CM1, which recognizes the p18 subunit of cleaved caspase-3 but not the zymogen. CM1 demonstrated an apparent specificity for activated caspase-3 by specifically immunolabelling only apoptotic but not necrotic(More)
The mechanism by which membrane-bound Bcl-2 inhibits the activation of cytoplasmic procaspases is unknown. Here we characterize an intracellular, membrane-associated form of procaspase-3 whose activation is controlled by Bcl-2. Heavy membranes isolated from control cells contained a spontaneously activatable caspase-3 zymogen. In contrast, in Bcl-2(More)
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