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Why have systems of " transnational private regulation " recently emerged to certify corporate social and environmental performance? Different conceptions of institutional emergence underlie different answers to this question. Many scholars argue that firms create certification systems to solve problems in the market—a view rooted in a conception of(More)
This article explains why rates of sexual assault remain high on college campuses. Data are from a study of college life at a large midwestern university involving nine months of ethnographic observation of a women's floor in a " party dorm, " in-depth interviews with 42 of the floor residents, and 16 group interviews with other students. We show that(More)
This study investigates the relationship between the welfare state and poverty with multiple measures of the welfare state and poverty in an unbalanced panel of 18 Western nations from 1967 to 1997. While addressing the limitations of past research, the analysis shows that social security transfers and public health spending significantly reduce poverty.(More)
Using a rare representative sample of grassroots activists and non-activists, this study identifies three paths that consistently led Sal-vadoran women to involvement in the FMLM guerrilla army: po-liticized guerillas, reluctant guerillas, and recruited guerillas. These mobilization paths arose from the patterned intersections of individual level(More)
The Washington State Department of Transportation is planning to repair and replace portions of the Hood Canal Bridge. To minimize construction impacts, it is important to spatially evaluate the location of biological resources, such as eelgrass (Zostera marina), geoduck clams (Panopea abrupta), and rockfish (Sebastes spp.), near the bridge, particularly at(More)
As a user of the mental health service, Rob has first-hand experience of the marginalization that accompanies a mental health label. In seeking to validate his experience, centre and assimilate the shadow within, he has participated in teaching students within mental health programmes. Tessa in her role as an academic has sought to validate her experience(More)
This study investigates the impact of left political institutions on a nation's amount of poverty. Specifically, the analysis tests three possible causal relationships: whether left political institutions affect poverty separately from the welfare state, channeled through the welfare state, or combined with the welfare state. These relationships are tested(More)
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