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Neural Coding of Natural Stimuli: Information at Sub-Millisecond Resolution
Sensory information about the outside world is encoded by neurons in sequences of discrete, identical pulses termed action potentials or spikes. Expand
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Sparse but specific temporal coding by spikes in an insect sensory-motor ocellar pathway
SUMMARY We investigate coding in a locust brain neuron, DNI, which transforms graded synaptic input from ocellar L-neurons into axonal spikes that travel to excite particular thoracic flight neurons.Expand
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Bilocal visual noise as a probe of wide field motion computation.
Using an apparent visual motion stimulus with motion energies limited to specific separations in space and time, we study the computational structure of wide-field motion sensitive neurons in the flyExpand
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Encoding of Yaw in the Presence of Distractor Motion: Studies in a Fly Motion Sensitive Neuron
We use combined rotations about different axes to study how H1, a wide-field motion-sensitive neuron, encodes preferred yaw motion in the presence of stimuli not aligned with its preferred direction. Expand