Rob Pickles

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Poaching is a serious threat to the conservation of key species and whole ecosystems. While conducting foot patrols is the most commonly used approach in many countries to prevent poaching, such patrols often do not make the best use of limited patrolling resources. To remedy this situation, prior work introduced a novel emerging application called PAWS(More)
Based on the successful deployment of game-theoretic decision support systems in protecting critical infrastructure such as ports, air ports and trains, recent research have started focusing on Green Security Games, where the law enforcement agencies aim to protect forest, wildlife and fishery with limited patrol resources. This paper (i) lays out the(More)
The conservation of key wildlife species such as tigers and elephants are threatened by poaching activities. In many conservation areas, foot patrols are conducted to prevent poaching but they may not be well-planned to make the best use of the limited patrolling resources. While prior work has introduced PAWS (Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security) as(More)
  • Candidate, Helen N Milind Tambe, Emmett H Jones, B Eng, Thanh H Nguyen, Rob Pickles +6 others
  • 2015
2015. This workshop brings together roughly 60 top EECS graduate and postdoctoral women for scientific interactions. Southern California who demonstrate exceptional work in their field. Two candidates will be chosen from the Viterbi School of Engineering every year.
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