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  • William L Megginson, Jeffry M Netter, Anthony Boardman, Bernardo Bortolotti, Narjess Boubakri, Jean-Claude Cosset +23 others
  • 2001
Aidan Vining and three anonymous referees. Additionally, we appreciate comments received from participants at the The political and economic policy of privatization, broadly defined as the deliberate sale by a government of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or assets to private economic agents, is now in use worldwide. Since its introduction by Britain's(More)
The Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD, http://www.yeastgenome.org) is the community resource for the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The SGD project provides the highest-quality manually curated information from peer-reviewed literature. The experimental results reported in the literature are extracted and integrated within a well-developed(More)
  • James A Verbrugge, William L Megginson, Wanda L Owens, Bernardo Bortolotti, Narjess Boubakri, Maria Boutchkova +9 others
  • 1999
acquiring the date used in this study. This paper benefited from comments received at the World Bank/FRB Dallas conference in Washington and at the 1999 European Financial Management Association meeting in Barcelona. We are also grateful for comments received on a directly
Our memory is often surprisingly inaccurate, with errors ranging from misremembering minor details of events to generating illusory memories of entire episodes. The pervasiveness of such false memories generates a puzzle: in the face of selection pressure for accuracy of memory, how could such systematic failures have persisted over evolutionary time? It is(More)
  • Michael Aitken, Frederick H Deb Harris, Thomas H Mcinish, Kathryn Wong, Rob Nash, Terry Walter +3 others
  • 2005
IPO underwriters dominate aftermarket trading but often follow rather than lead in price discovery. This suggests that the underwriter shares a certification, external monitoring and signaling role with aftermarket brokers, venture capitalists and founder-owners retaining equity. In this paper we investigate the cross-sectional determinants of the role of(More)
We are building a series of custom casual games to support teaching and learning of introductory programming (CS1/2) concepts with a focus on ease of adoption. Our games are innovative twists on popular casual genres, and each game is designed explicitly for teaching specific programming concepts (e.g., conditionals, arrays). Based on these games, faculty(More)