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Aidan Vining and three anonymous referees. Additionally, we appreciate comments received from participants at the The political and economic policy of privatization, broadly defined as the deliberate sale by a government of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or assets to private economic agents, is now in use worldwide. Since its introduction by Britain's(More)
Our memory is often surprisingly inaccurate, with errors ranging from misremembering minor details of events to generating illusory memories of entire episodes. The pervasiveness of such false memories generates a puzzle: in the face of selection pressure for accuracy of memory, how could such systematic failures have persisted over evolutionary time? It is(More)
Psychologist Catharine Cox Miles (1890-1984) is often remembered as the junior author, with Lewis Terman, of Sex and Personality. Written with CRPS support, Sex and Personality introduced the 'masculinity-femininity' personality measure to psychology in 1936. Miles has been overlooked by some historians and constructed as a silent, indirect feminist by(More)
We are building a series of custom casual games to support teaching and learning of introductory programming (CS1/2) concepts with a focus on ease of adoption. Our games are innovative twists on popular casual genres, and each game is designed explicitly for teaching specific programming concepts (e.g., conditionals, arrays). Based on these games, faculty(More)
Designed specifically for instructors of university or high school Introductory Java Programming Classes (CS1/2) with no background in videogames or computer graphics, and based on our original casual game designs, this workshop will: (1) lead participants through structured gameplay sessions; (2) analyze how game mechanics contribute to player engagement;(More)
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