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The clinical distribution of the Dupuytren's disease cords in the thumb and first web was examined in 100 consecutive patients with Dupuytren's disease. The precise anatomical relations of the cords were then studied in 25 patients undergoing Dupuytren's surgery for thumb and first web space disease. Thumb and first web space involvement was found in 28% of(More)
— In iterative decoding it is well accepted that extrinsic information is to be exchanged between full-complexity soft-input, soft-output constituent decoder components. It is, however, still an open problem to determine the optimal information for exchange between reduced complexity decoder components that are only approximating posterior probabilities. In(More)
—Due to the prohibitive complexity of optimal multiuser detection, suboptimal structures are commonly suggested for use in iterative multiuser decoders. The use of suboptimal components in the iterative structure leads to performance losses in terms of system load, bit error rate (BER), and convergence speed. In this paper, we introduce a simple recursive(More)
The morphology and dimensions of the medullary canals of the proximal and middle phalanges have been studied with particular interest shown to the angle of taper of these canals. Measurements of 50 cadaveric fingers were taken from computer aided tomographic images using AutoCAD software. Tangents were fitted to the inner cortices in two orthogonal planes(More)
We think that the approach to safe system extension proposed in this paper presents many advantages. From a software engineering perspective, the architectural principles presented in Section 3 considerably simplify the task of building and extending theorem provers safely. The concept of OMRS is a rst small step towards complex reasoning systems built by(More)
26 2. 1 is not a proof. From the induction hypotheses we have that`MT 1 = fail. If s 0 is either an axiom or an assumption, then is apply(then(t 1 ; \t "); \s 0 ") and`MT Tac(\s 0 "). If s 0 is neither an axiom nor an assumption, then is apply(then(t 1 ; \t "); fail) with`MT Tac(fail). In both cases, from axiom (A9), the induction hypotheses and by applying(More)
A rat sciatic nerve model has been used to study the response of nerves to tissue expansion and their recovery at intervals up to 100 days using electrophysiology and histological methods. Tissue expansion has been shown to increase nerve length by 32% of which half remained at 100 days. Following tissue expansion the mean conduction velocity of the sciatic(More)
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