Rob Maxson

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Msx- class homeobox genes, characterized by a distinct and highly conserved homeodomain, have been identified in a wide variety of metazoans from vertebrates to coelenterates. Although there is evidence that they participate in inductive tissue interactions that underlie vertebrate organogenesis, including those that pattern the neural crest, there is(More)
Msx2 is a homeobox gene with a regulatory role in inductive tissue interactions, including those that pattern the skull. We demonstrated previously that individuals affected with an autosomal dominant disorder of skull morphogenesis (craniosynostosis, Boston type) bear a mutated form of Msx2 in which a histidine is substituted for a highly conserved proline(More)
The control of hair growth in the adult mammalian coat is a fascinating topic which has just begun to be explored with molecular genetic tools. Complex hair cycle domains and regenerative hair waves are present in normal adult (> 2 month) mice, but more apparent in mutants with cyclic alopecia phenotypes. Each hair cycle domain consists of initiation(More)
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